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What We Do

Norfield Capital's investment philosophy is based on long-term fundamental style of investing. We invest in businesses, people, and future earnings. Our core investment strategy called "Private Equity in Public Markets", is based on developing in-depth insights on a small number of companies with exceptional leadership and compelling business thesis. 


We invest in a concentrated portfolio of public companies that we believe are well positioned for sustainable revenue and earnings growth. More importantly, we invest in the people that lead these public companies. Proven executives and board leadership are the best predictors of future company success and are the most consistently predictable long term drivers of shareholder value. Below is a detailed presentation on our core investment strategy.

"Private Equity in Public Markets" Investment Thesis - Presentation.pdf

Norfield Capital's investment objective is to generate absolute returns by building portfolios that are diversified with a mix of unique investment strategies. Norfield Capital offers four portfolio options listed below. All portfolio options have exposure to our core investment strategy, "Private Equity in Public Markets", which is the foundation of our investment thesis. The amount of allocation to our core investment strategy differs in each portfolio based on a specific investment concentration, clients risk tolerance and investment objective. Please click on each portfolio below for a detailed overview.

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